Hard to Reach Windows Can Still Have Shutters

As soon as my husband and I saw the house we now live in, we knew that we wanted it. We had been looking at houses for a few months, and we just could not find one that met every one of our criteria until this one. One of my favorite parts is the entryway, because it is two stories high. The stairs do not start until several yards in, and it is just gorgeous. It has a very high window above the door, and I knew that I was going to get orange county blinds for it.

Actually, after looking at the house, I knew that I was going to redo all of the window treatments, since what was there was sold with the house. Continue reading

Getting Ready to Buy a House

I have been out of college for a couple of years now and I have had a good job since I got out in the workforce. I still have some college loans to pay, but in fact I have managed to save a little bit of money and I could probably afford a very small house if it was not in the best condition. Of course I can manage a little bit of repair work. Something like replacing orange county shutters would be not much for me, but I am really wondering how much I could reasonably expect to take on without having to hire a lot of professional tradesmen to assist me in a job. Continue reading